Now it is even easier to use ChatGPT with Power Automate, since the GPT Prompts are generally available. You can create your own ChatGPT prompt and attach it to your solutions. Or you can create a “bot” with Power Automate, that you can share the solution to your colleagues. I show you how.

I created a test for my MVP path marketing campaign.

  1. I created custom prompt in AI Hub Power Apps | AI hub (replace your environment id)
  2. I created mega prompt what I needed
  3. I added variables there, so I can vary topics

Then I tested it – maybe too little since I never started using it 🙂

Then I created Forms for getting the input from a colleague in my tenant

And then Power Automate, that takes Form input and uses the AI model and gives you the reply in Teams message

This one is not in use since the output is too general. I think the problem is that my prompt is not good enough and the AI model does not have access to Internet. Also what makes me a good MVP candidate is my ability to create content and react needs in days or hours. But for any other type of marketing strategy or usage for ChatGPT this solution is quite handly.