AI ambassador goes into Microsoft Power Platform

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Copilot for Scrum master, would it help?

Copilot is a powerful tool that can help developers write better code faster. But can it also read Azure DevOps backlogs? And should it? Azure DevOps is a platform that enables teams to collaborate and deliver high-quality software. It provides… Continue Reading →

Self-Service AI Translator in Teams / SharePoint

In my previous post I described how to train Azure AI Translator Custom Model. I tested with ready made app but now I want to create self-help portal for Sitra personnel to test the translator. I decided to have a… Continue Reading →

Choice to mass emails

I needed to contact almost 200 people and wanted to give personal touch. I wanted to do it differently and not using mass email. Email is so nineties. I copy-pasted users from Outlook to notepad and the format was Firstname… Continue Reading →

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