AI ambassador goes into Microsoft Power Platform

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Use Teams group chat for notifying developers of new tasks in backlog

Previous blog shows how to Use AI Builder to analyse the request problem and create solution for it We could automate the solution to assign the tasks for the developers but first we need a signal, who is going to… Continue Reading →

How to Streamline Customer Requests and Improve Consultant Productivity

A session recap from the Microsoft 365 UK User Group As consultants, we often deal with multiple communication channels with our customers, which can cause problems like data loss, low visibility, inefficiency, and dissatisfaction. In this blog post, I will… Continue Reading →

Copilot for Scrum master, would it help?

Copilot is a powerful tool that can help developers write better code faster. But can it also read Azure DevOps backlogs? And should it? Azure DevOps is a platform that enables teams to collaborate and deliver high-quality software. It provides… Continue Reading →

Self-Service AI Translator in Teams / SharePoint

In my previous post I described how to train Azure AI Translator Custom Model. I tested with ready made app but now I want to create self-help portal for Sitra personnel to test the translator. I decided to have a… Continue Reading →

Choice to mass emails

I needed to contact almost 200 people and wanted to give personal touch. I wanted to do it differently and not using mass email. Email is so nineties. I copy-pasted users from Outlook to notepad and the format was Firstname… Continue Reading →

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