Reflective meetings, i.e. reviewing and developing one’s own activities, are key when a team or organization should reform and do things better. Haste and lack of means can cause a situation where the group does not have time to renew its activities, even if the desire is found. The training focuses on the meaning, implementation and practical tools of reflective meetings. 

During the training, you will learn different methods to bring out people’s wishes and feedback in a constructive way. The training includes various interactive exercises that break the ice, increase confidence, create a sense of belonging and train creative thinking. The best ground for innovation is psychologically safe work communities. Coaching increases this sense of security and allows organization members the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas in a permissive environment. 

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  • You understand the importance of reflective meetings 
  • You get ways to motivate people to tell how they would like to improve operations 
  • You will learn a new positive approach to reforming operations 
  • You will find the spark of an agile working life  
  • You build trust between team members 

To whom 

  • You feel that your work is tied to formulas 
  • You want to renew your work, but you don’t know where to start 
  • You are too busy to familiarize yourself with heavy processes 
  • You want to liven up your working life 
  • You need a new approach to work development