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Leadership hacker goes into Microsoft Power Platform

Call OpenAI REST API with Custom Index and Prompt with Power Automate

Once you have indexed your document in Azure Search, you can use it as source for your ChatGPT prompt. Call is quite similar but instead of giving the data in REST API call, you give the index. Below is the… Continue Reading →

Create Azure Search Index, Indexer, run the Indexer and check Success status with Power Automate

If you want to use a PDF document as source for ChatGPT prompt, you need to add it to search and index it first. For that you need to have the document in Azure BLOB and the URL for the… Continue Reading →

Use Azure Search Index with OpenAI Prompt in Power Automate

Previous post displayed the basic way of calling ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI. For more complex scenarios we want to add PDF document, index it and use the indexed document in the ChatGPT prompts instead of giving the source data in… Continue Reading →

Call ChatGPT and OpenAI from Power Automate

I’m in a project working with KEHA center for environmental impact assesment. The solution offers the authorities Power Platform user interface where they can use AI as part of the processing and analysis of the statements and opinions given in… Continue Reading →

AI driven Power Automate development

There is possibility create Power Automate flows with Copilot and I think that does not even requires any specific Copilot license, just the normal license for generating Power Automate flows. As the other tools Copilot marketing sounds too good to… Continue Reading →

Custom Connectors

I wanted to try custom connectors and use them for something that helps me in my everyday life. I created Custom Connector for Spotify so that there is music playing in my home ever weekday at 6 am without touching… Continue Reading →

Speech Notes to Text Mobile App

You can ease your mobile working with Canvas App that records your voice, converts the audio to text and extracts tasks from it. You can then save the text for later editing and create Outlook tasks from the recognized tasks… Continue Reading →

Automated Email Handling and Integration to Public 360

I wanted to try AI Builder and found out quite basic business need. People are reading shared mailbox and categorizing emails for different queues – maybe asking more information. Automatizing this is nothing new but I wanted to try myself… Continue Reading →

Choice to mass emails

I needed to contact almost 200 people and wanted to give personal touch. I wanted to do it differently and not using mass email. Email is so nineties. I copy-pasted users from Outlook to notepad and the format was Firstname… Continue Reading →

Power Automate Premium Error handling and Logging

There has been 400 flow runs done and need to find one certain run – no problem, this is 5min job with Application Insights log search. With that you can get the url for exact flow run and start debugging,… Continue Reading →

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