Copilot is a powerful tool that can help developers write better code faster. But can it also read Azure DevOps backlogs? And should it?

Azure DevOps is a platform that enables teams to collaborate and deliver high-quality software. It provides features such as version control, agile planning, testing, and deployment. A backlog is a list of work items that represent the requirements and tasks for a project.

But should Copilot read Azure DevOps backlogs? That depends on the purpose and the expectations of the users. Copilot is not a replacement for human judgment and creativity. It is a tool that can assist and augment the developers’ skills and knowledge. It can provide suggestions and insights, but it cannot make decisions or guarantee correctness.

Anyway there would be a great help that Copilot in Teams meeting could update backlog items, create new tasks and sort out users stories in backlog based on discussion. Currently there is possible to get notes from meeting, then ask Copilot to format them as user stories but there is no Copilot for Azure DevOps backlogs.

What kind of help could Copilot provide if there was a Copilot for Scrum master?

A Scrummaster is a role that facilitates the agile process and ensures that the team follows the Scrum framework. A Copilot for Scrummaster could help with tasks such as:

  • Creating and updating the backlog based on user feedback and business goals
  • Prioritizing and estimating the work items based on value and complexity
  • Planning and facilitating the sprint events such as sprint planning, daily standup, sprint review, and sprint retrospective
  • Tracking and reporting the progress and performance of the team using metrics and dashboards
  • Identifying and resolving impediments and conflicts that affect the team’s productivity and quality
  • Coaching and mentoring the team members on agile principles and practices

A Copilot for Scrummaster could be a useful addition to the agile toolkit, but it would not replace the human element of collaboration, communication, and trust. It would be a partner that supports and empowers the Scrummaster and the team to deliver value to the customers.

What is there already?

There is already open source Azure DevOps Copilot plugin that gives smart assistance for product owners, versatile API backend, DevOps extension and Open Source Initiative, but there is still long way until Copilot helps you from Teams meeting all the way to backlog.

Current plugin has features

  • Consistency in User Story Creation
  • Streamlined Test Case Creation
  • Active Collaboration in Backlog Creation and Refinement
  • Reduced Overhead for Product Owners
  • Risk Management and Idea Generation