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Use Teams group chat for notifying developers of new tasks in backlog

Previous blog shows how to Use AI Builder to analyse the request problem and create solution for it We could automate the solution to assign the tasks for the developers but first we need a signal, who is going to… Continue Reading →

Use AI Builder to analyse the request problem and create solution for it

Previous blog shows how to Add Attachments and Pictures to Azure DevOps Tasks from Email There might be a need for adding some AI to the solution – why not use AI Builder to help out with the root cause… Continue Reading →

Add attachments and pictures to Azure DevOps tasks from email

Previous blog post shows how to Use Power Automate to automate the creation of tasks from customer emails requests All the images are attachments in email content but they are not like file attachments. If you only look the Has… Continue Reading →

Use Power Automate to automate the creation of tasks from customer emails requests

Technical instruction to How to Streamline Customer Requests and Improve Consultant Productivity. One of the solutions that I demonstrated in my session is how to use Power Automate to automate the creation of tasks in Azure DevOps from customer emails…. Continue Reading →

Power Automate and Application Insights: Automatic logging at a new level

In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, it is important that workflows and processes work seamlessly. If the workflow stops working or stops with an error, the situation must be caught as soon as possible and not wait for… Continue Reading →

JSON inception in Power Automate

When working with Power Automate, it’s crucial to handle JSON data correctly to avoid common pitfalls. One such issue arises when adding JSON within another JSON. Without proper handling, Power Automate tends to add extra quotation marks, encoding the inner… Continue Reading →

Break from Power Automate loop

In traditional coding paradigms, for loops are a staple for iterating over a collection of items. When the desired condition is met or the task is complete, one can simply exit the loop using a break command. However, in Power… Continue Reading →

Build your own marketing machine

Now it is even easier to use ChatGPT with Power Automate, since the GPT Prompts are generally available. You can create your own ChatGPT prompt and attach it to your solutions. Or you can create a “bot” with Power Automate,… Continue Reading →

Self-Service AI Translator in Teams / SharePoint

In my previous post I described how to train Azure AI Translator Custom Model. I tested with ready made app but now I want to create self-help portal for Sitra personnel to test the translator. I decided to have a… Continue Reading →

Call OpenAI REST API with Custom Index and Prompt with Power Automate

Once you have indexed your document in Azure Search, you can use it as source for your ChatGPT prompt. Call is quite similar but instead of giving the data in REST API call, you give the index. Below is the… Continue Reading →

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