There is possibility create Power Automate flows with Copilot and I think that does not even requires any specific Copilot license, just the normal license for generating Power Automate flows. As the other tools Copilot marketing sounds too good to be true and when testing it, sometime I get amazed but mostly not.

As Power Automate Professional Developer or even Guru I wanted it to replace me. And it failed quite much. It did not understand my needs nor read my mind and done 3-5 days work for me in milliseconds (picture above). Then I tried something easier and it actually did this quite ok, just need to add to whom to post and what.

And then I think a simple flow I created internal group – maybe it can do this also (picture below). But I could not do it nor understand what I wanted to do.

For people that does not know how to create complex Power Automate flows this Copilot for Power Automate would definitely help them start working if they don’t have empty page problem. Power Automate offers quite many templates also out-of-the-box so they are quite handy to get around to and start from simple tools.